Who We Are

I'm Katie.
Coffee addict with a passion for parties, planning and of course puppies.
I appreciate a nice glass of red and a good cigarette pant.  My life mottos can be summed up with Drake lyrics. Cooking delicious eats is my stress relief and Karma (my dog) instantly puts a smile on my face. I cherish nights filled with laughter with the best of friends and prefer mornings when they are bottomless.

I'm Kaylee.
You'll often find me with a camera in my hand and a good restaurant in my arsenal.  I love the Denver restaurant scene - it's pretty damn yummy. My insatiable lust for adventure has me constantly upping the ante on my 'kick the bucket' list and I strive to live life comfortably uncomfortable. Where's the fun if you're not constantly pushing your own boundaries? An Old Fashioned is my go to cocktail, I appreciate a good glass of red wine, and I surround myself with people who continue to show me the good in life. 

I'm Emma.
Never one to miss out on an invite, I'm your ride or die gal.
My happy place can be found in a good book, a deep conversation, an Irish coffee, and hopefully all in one - on a plane - right before you step off into a new adventure with your babes.
I firmly believe that this life deserves every bit of courage you can muster and I'll prove it with a cheesy one-liner and a hug.

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