Monday, December 4, 2017

Dressing Up the T-Shirt

I will always be a tomboy at heart. 

Give me a t-shirt, camo sweats, a snapback hat, converse kicks and I'm golden. But one does need to dress up the norm once in awhile, and while heels don't often find their way on my feet, this issssss a fashion blog, so heels it is. 

[photos by ksmaresh]

[photos by ksmaresh]

Adidas has just been crushing the fashionable comeback and I love every minute of it. It means my athletic wear is allowable outside the gym and HIGH FIVE FOR THAT. Most of their gear is tomboy meets active meets throwback style so they're speaking my language. And it probably shows in the way I overwear things... If I was a celebrity I would constantly be featured in the columns that scream, "She wore it again! And again!" I can't help it. When I love it I love it. 

[photos by ksmaresh]

I recently went through the proportions rule of thumb with a client as we were styling looks from her closet and you've probably heard me call that out before. That good ol' helpful hint that if you wear tight leggings, wear a flowy sweater and if you wear baggy jeans, wear a form-fitted, more flattering top. The same rule can be applied here(ish). With this denim being a little more loose at the ankle, I like to pair them with shoes that show a little more skin or give me some length --> like a heel or a sandal. Otherwise the look can get frumpy real quick. And these boyfriend jeans are beyond comfy, so they're worth every bit of styling to fancy them up so I can basically be wearing sweatpants out on the town.

And heels. I have a love hate relationship with heels. I've never really mastered looking comfortable in them. Back in college, a beauty pageant friend all but took me under her wing to teach me the basics of WALK NORMAL in heels. It didn't work, BUT I love the way they look! So if I'm going to wear them, they gotta be block heels or a pretty short heel. These definitely fall into the unicorn comfy heel category (praise!) and I'm in love with the unique color and lace up factor.

[photos by ksmaresh]

The trench coat also adds a level of dress up to the t-shirt ensemble. I scored it at a clothing swap event (hollerrrrr) and have been pairing it with anything and everything. Without the trench + heels, this look would be a casual grocery shopping errand outfit. Or whatever ha. But, taking those same comfy pieces you love, and adding a few elements like statement earrings, dressier shoes, a shiny necklace, a cute bandana etc. - can put your spin on a casual look all while giving you some options from your closet. 

[photos by ksmaresh]

If you need me, I'll be cruising the streets practicing my "walk normal in heels" look. 
[JK I'll be on the couch with slippers watching Criminal Minds]

Shop the look at the images below! 




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