Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Overalls Obsession

We're still feeling that summertime heat here in Denver, and I am absolutely LIVING in overalls. 
Maybe it's the Iowa farmer girl in me, maybe it's the inner tomboy, but whatever it is...
 I. Am. Obsessed. 

[photos by Kenny Kearns]

I snagged this pair of overalls at Pac Sun, and they just happen to be the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I can dress 'em up with a cute crop top and funky heels, or dress 'em down (my ultimate preference) and rock them with sneaks and a comfy top. 

Overalls, you can do no wrong. 
[photos by Kenny Kearns]

This killer hat is from a local Colorado company called I Get Down. I bought this hat at a festival because it was calling to me, loudly, from their booth. The simplicity of the black hat + white logo paired with the fun patterns on the brim was my fav part, and the fit is perfect. 

A rule of thumb I like to follow: if my outfit is a little more tame (neutral tones like grey here) then I can get a little more loud with my accessories. If I had all kinds of colors / patterns going on with my outfit, I would tone it down with gold, silver, neutral and simple accessories. I love accessorizing as much as the next person, but I like to tell people to find that balance you feel comfortable rocking. 

Some fashionistas (aka, Gwen Stefani or one of my favorite bloggers, Moda Prints) can pull off just about anything no matter the color / print combo. More power to them! It's honestly all about finding your own personal style + the tips you can relate to, and rocking it all with confidence. 
[photos by Kenny Kearns]
[photos by Kenny Kearns]

Layering underneath the overalls can be a bit tricky. You typically need something on the tighter side, whether that's a tank top, t-shirt, crop top or even bandeau - loose on loose fit for clothing isn't the most flattering on anyone. I personally think that a bodysuit is damn near perfect under overalls. It hides the tuck in portion of a bodysuit which can sometimes look funny with anything not high-waisted, and will never ride up under the overall coverage. Win!
[photos by Kenny Kearns]

Shoutout to my Iowa bred, overall-wearing Mother who taught me that comfortable style can also be cute. And huge thanks to photographer, Kenny Kearns, for meeting us on the streets and snapping photos of this look! Shop your little heart out below. 




  1. You're a trooper. Bodysuit and overalls? That's some bathroom gymnastics right there!

    1. I've had a few ppl mention this! Guess I didn't realize what a true task I was overcoming this was! Hahaha
      xo, EMMA