Friday, May 5, 2017

Western Chic Look

My first pair of high waisted denim! I know, I know. What the hell took me so long? To be honest, I'm not one for hopping on too many trends, especially with denim because I like them to last me awhile. But while in Miami for a girls trip, I tried this pair on and instantly swooned at the fit. Where have these been all my life?!

And for this particular outfit, mix a high waist + fringe boot + cowboy hat + bandana and you got yourself what I have decided is Western Chic. I dig it.

Let's talk about this here HAT. I'm quite obsessed. You already know I'm a girl who loves her hats (because c'mon, less hair washing), but this one I wear on the constant. The color is so easy to match with your outfit, and it's lightweight enough that it works for all seasons. Plus, it doesn't have any annoying trimming or design on it, super simple, just how I like it.

The bandana trend: loving. it. I was inspired to wear it after I saw my girl MoonFlower (yes, that's a friend's name, it's amazing) rocking it at a recent event. If you haven't gotten yourself a bandana accessory just yet, I encourage you to dig through your drawers b/c let's be real, you probably have one around the house somewhere. I have this little guy still from high school! When we used to be real cool and wear them as doo rags. There's so many different ways to wear one to compliment an outfit, get inspired for tying options HERE.

This was clearly our first day back on the blog shooting AND after a lengthy mimosa brunch... could someone not tell a girl to zip up her purse?! Our styling assist skills were a little off par this day, but the giggles were in full effect, which is what really matters.

I also hate the shoe close up pic, I know you gotta show off the kicks, but mine are usually not sparkly clean so you're just getting #reallife here people. These shoes are one of my favorites and I definitely wear the shit out of 'em. The fringe add a unique & fun element and they're still a comfy sneak at their core. It can be a little tricky to wear ankle boots with jeans for some people... "Do you tuck the jean in, do you pull it out, what the hell do you do?" I personally prefer to keep it natural and a little bit of both but not too 'perfect' either way it lands. These Zara jeans are a higher ankle cut, making them oh-so-perfect for an ankle boot.

Someone just commented to me the other day as we were in a completely separate photo shoot how I must be comfortable with getting my picture taken by now. No, the answer is no. Never. I am always the most awkward, and end up in poses like this asking Kay, "HOW'S THIS?! COMPLETELY NATURAL? OK COOL."

Mimosas help. Thank God she's good at what she does.

So some advice... zip up your purse, always drink the mimosa, and try new trends every once in awhile - like a high waisted denim. You might surprise yourself.



Sweater: $12 Plato's Closet | Similar | Similar
Bandana: High School Steeze | Similar | Similar
Shoes: $30 Target | Similar | Similar


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