Friday, May 12, 2017

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants. What the heck is that?  Well let's drop a little history. Palazzo pants first made their way into main stream fashion in the late 60's - early 70's. I am sure you could have probably guessed that with their wide leg and loose fit. Flash forward to 2017, here we are again, and happy to say I love them.

I mention this all the time, but being cute and comfortable is the goal right? These pants are the ultimate. They are wide legged and loose so gives you that I am wearing PJ's in public type of feel. This pair is from Target. Yes, Target. It really is the greatest place on Earth. When I started this post I had a feeling this would become an ode to my utter obsession with Target, but I told myself it's about the pants not about the place but it's so gosh darn hard! Target is my happy place.

Both the top and the palazzo's are from Target. The top is a short side tie crop top. It's one of those tops that I love having because it is so versatile. You can literally pair it with anything high-waisted. Shorts, pants, skirts, etc. If you're thinkin', "I just can't do the crop top..." think again. I'm not saying let's all bare midriffs and throw it back to junior high, but with high-waisted everything floating around in fashion, a good crop top you feel like a boss in, is an instant - add to cart.

I love a good handbag, what girl doesn't? I also love anything Rebecca Minkoff touches. The Regan Satchel Tote though is my perfect size. It has a great arm strap as well as a cross body strap. This one was gifted by the boyfriend and yes he got major bonus points for this one! 

The earrings are a light blue chandelier from Francesca's. I have been rocking a lot of light blue earrings lately for no particular reason. I guess maybe I am happy it's Spring and anything light and bright is pleasing me! 

Shop on you beautiful babes! 


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