Monday, April 3, 2017

Casual Street Style

Back in that bloggin' game! Guys, I'm not even gonna pretend, this last year has been a rough one. And it still continues to challenge me (back off already, Monkey Year). But among all the gut punches are some seriously beautiful 'Is this real life?' moments too. And I can't forget to keep pushing my comfort zones and lifting up the things I'm thankful for. One of which, is this blog and the friends I share it with. So with that, 'bout time to dust off the simultaneously typing + drinking wine skills, b/c that's how the best posts are done, right?

I almost titled this post 'Back To School', because I quite literally look ready to jump on the yellow bus with my textbooks in tow. But! Backpacks are handy, hoodies are comfy, and I'M AN ADULT AND I WEAR WHAT I WANT. 
[stomps wedge sneaker]

And these glasses, man oh man do I love a trendy pair of fake spectacles. Yes, I am nearly blind and have my own pair of glasses, but the real ones are ten times as expensive and my taste changes frequently. So for me, fakes are a great way to add an accessory to an outfit without breaking the bank. 

The pack is real leather and is the perfect "adult" backpack. Just enough room to store all my tidbits and a skinny back pouch to tote around the laptop while still looking adult AF. I actually got it as a gift off of a mountain photoshoot, but scoping out the website to share with all of you I noticed they're made by a company out of Minnesota! Gotta love the Midwest made goods.

And if you haven't added a Carhartt beanie to your stocking cap repertoire, I suggest you get on that. 

Oh - and a little bit of laughing out loud, always goes a long way. 
[this year...] Put yourself first, say YES to all that you love & don't hesitate to say nah to the things no longer serving you. 



Choker: $11 Vanessa Mooney *scored from Shop Shea in Denver!
Striped Hoodie: $16 American Eagle | Similar | Similar
Coat: $20 Old Navy | Similar | Similar
Hightop Wedges: $35 Aldo | Similar | Similar

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