Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wear It.

It's almost S P R I N G, and this March baby cannot wait. Although our winter in Denver has been mostly mild, I am always excited when the weather starts warming up. 70 degrees in February... heck yes! The ability to shed another layer off your daily outfit is also soooo liberating. You know? That first day you walk outside without your winter coat. I know you know the feeling.

This chambray I have had for awhile. I mean c'mon, who doesn't have like 8 Chambray shirts? (Please don't say just me). I snagged this one from a boutique in San Diego, and I know most of you probably have one in your closet, but I linked a few below in all price ranges.

I have clearly sinned, mixing black and brown? Oh my. But, I can't help but indulge myself in breaking these kind of rules. I am a firm believer in if your comfortable and confident - you wear whatever the hell you want.

I will admit that I am not usually a hat-kinda-girl, but this one I scored for a steal and it actually fit my head perfectly. Emma is my hat sensei and inspired me to get one to try for myself. #wearit

Chokers are so 90's and bring me so many flashbacks. I won't say how many chokers I have had in my lifetime, but let's just say this is not my first. When the craze was first coming back I mocked and laughed but secretly was overjoyed that this was going to happen. This one is a solid black leather choker with a small silver chain.

The boots. I   L O V E  them so much. They are super comfortable and throw on a couple of inches. Just so much love in my heart for these boots. 

Rock the hat. Wear the black with the brown. Add the inches. Try something you haven't. I promise you won't regret it.

Chambray Shirt: Similar | Similar | Similar
Light Brown Wool Hat: Similar | Similar | Similar 
Beaded Choker Necklace: Forever 21 | Similar | Similar 
Brown Silk Tank Top: LuLu's | Similar | Similar
Black Ankle Boots: H&M | Similar | Similar 
Dark Jean: AE | Similar | Similar

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