Monday, May 2, 2016

Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art | Rain Room

Who says there is no rain in sunny LA?

If you are a big art nerd, that loves a unique experience, you need to hop on the Rain Room train and head over to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, ASAP! The Rain Room is an art installation that was created as a way to provoke viewers to think about the impossible. 

Think of a room full of glittering rain that detects your motion so that you are immersed with droplets, yet never feel a drop on you!  Cool, right?!

Anyway, the Rain Room sells out quickly, but they just released more showings. Hallelujah - praise the lord! They release new tickets often, so sign up for their newsletter and you'll be the first to know when new tickets are released - talk about an amazing day date!

The LACMA, is just a great spot to check out in general. There are the infamous pillars of streetlights in front of the building.

I'm sure you've spotted these in too many a chick flick, but they really are quite a sight in the evening when the posts are lit up. It's the type of romantic lighting that will make you want to smoochfest if you know what I mean. (yes, even if you have PDA-phobia)

There's also a great patio restaurant and cafe to grab a bite at. Don't forget to order a tasty cocktail to really get your creative juices flowing.

The LACMA is the perfect reason to take off to LA.  Besides, who isn't looking for a reason to head west?

Until next time LA,


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