Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sweet Spring Transitions

Hello April, so happy to see you!

There's the tease of summer in the air with our days staying constant in the 60s. The sun is staying out to play longer and there is just this new found energy that you can not deny.

Get here soon, Spring.  We are patiently waiting.

In the meantime, we will struggle with the transition from the chunky knits of cold weather attire to the light hearted flirty outfits of Spring.

My favorite way to transition is with dresses, skirts, and shorts layered with tights beneath.  You can keep on the winter booties, but lighten it up with a floral patterned dress.

Fun, eh?  Depending on the weather, you can bundle it up with a light cardigan and infinity scarf.

Pardon the runs, it was a war getting to this cozy little spot in the mountains.

Infinity Scarf | Target
Floral Print Dress| Linked Similar
Gold Metallic Socks| Linked Similar
Beige Cardigan | Asos - Linked Similar

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