Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring Steals

Spring is here and we are all itching to get into some lighter clothes and reveal just a little more skin. And I'm bringing you, your ultimate spring shopping list that won't break the bank!

Let's start with the things I love about spring besides the obvious sunshine, rainbows and pushing of coats to the back of the friggen closet. It's the bold colors, the standard floral and the shorter hems.

First. "Florals? For Spring? Ground breaking."

I mean, am I right? I love florals in the spring and this is the never ending spring saga. It must be something in the air when the flowers start blooming and spring arrives that gets every girl gaga for floral. I mean any style type can embrace floral print. It can be added in subtle hints or can be the whole dang piece // Either way I love it.

Checkkk it :

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Let's talk about bomber jackets for a sec. Isn't this gorgeous? You can dress it up or down and will look like a complete sexy badass. 

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Under $100
Embroidered Floral Bomber Jacket | Missguided | $68.00
Sun Love Blue & Ivory Embroidered Off-The Shoulder Dress | LuLu's | $55.00

Drina Floral Sweatshirt | Tobi | $35.00
Floral Maxi Dress | Forever 21 |$29.90

Under $25.00
Floral Ruffle Maxi Dress  | Forever 21| $24.90
Floral Kimono | H&M | $17.99

Other Rompers/Dresses:
Short Jersey Dress | H&M | $24.99
Embroidered Sleeve Shift Dress | Missguided | $51.00
Catching Wind Lace Romper (4 Colors) | LuLu's | $41.00
Off-The-Shoulder Romper | Anthropologie | $98.00

Let's Talk Tops! Off-the-Shoulder tops are pretty much everywhere at this point. But, I'm not complaining. I think they are adorable and make even the most casual outfit a little bit sexier. Spring also means time for lighter layers and my fav casual go-to // tees & tanks.

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(Image from

I wanted to highlight this trench because I am obssessed. It's Naked Wardrobe and pretty killer. It's super lightweight making it great for spring and can be used in any situation \\ Day, Work, Casual, Night. You get it.
(Image from

Under $100
Filigree Lace Tank | Antropologie | $88.00
Silence + Noise Jules Blouse | Urban Outfitters |  $59.00
Sleeveless Split Back Blazer | Missguided | $59.50

Under $50
Kimchi Blue Penelope Plunging Peplum Cami | Urban Outfitters | $49.00
Looking Forward Ivory Off-The Shoulder Embroidered Top | LuLu's | $44.00
Ecote Bali Poncho | Urban Outfitters | $44.00
NW Sheer Trench | Naked Wardrobe | $42.00
Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top | Tobi | $42.00
Off-The Shoulder Body Suit | Express | $34.90

Under $25
Crocheted Off-The-Shoulder Top    | Forever 21 | $19.90
Crepe Off-The-Shoulder- Top | Forever 21 | 14.90

Graphic Tank | Forever 21 | $14.90
Graphic Halter  | Forever 21 | $14.90
Hudson Tee  | Inspyre Boutique | $28.00

(Image from

Shorts & Bottoms

Do I even need to say it? It's spring bust out the cut-offs! Checkkk the list for other bonus bottoms I'm adding to my closet this spring.

(Image from

Under $100
Dittos Skylar Medium Wash Cropped Skinny Jean | Lulu's | $64.00
Distressed Fringed Cut Off Shorts | Express | $59.90

Under $50
Button Detail Cigarette Trouser | Missguided | $47.60

Under $25
High Waisted Denim Shorts (6 Shades) | H&M | $17.99 
Denim Low Boyfriend Shorts | H&M | $24.99

The best thing about Spring is that Summer follows. Most of these pieces will hold up in the heat and will transition into your summer wardrobe as well.

Happy Hunting!


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