Monday, April 18, 2016

Light Layers from Winter to Spring

Now is the time of year [especially in Colorado] where the weather can make you think you crazy. One day will be 80 and sunny, practically summer, and the next will be 30 and snowing. Like, what the actual heck? So besides literally checking the weather every morning for the surprise weather forecast of the day, you can arm yourself with the key - layers. 

And on the warmer days... light layers, beanies mixed with dresses, and booties feel like the perfect fit.

Here I am again - not coming out of my neutral comfort zone of colors, but hey, I showered - so there's that. There's something about the subtle color combo of complimenting shades that makes me feel at home in an outfit.

The look had a simple vibe going on, so I opted for simple accessories. Pops of shiny gold in the armband and necklaces and a purse just big enough to hold all of the girl shit.

And then there's the beanie... always coming through in the clutch when I don't want to brush my hair or if I want to give my winter to spring outfit some more winter.

Love me some seasons, but c'mon already Summer...


Sunglasses: $15 Target | Link
Denim Vest: $15 H&M | Link
T-Shirt Dress: $10 H&M | Link
Purse: $18 H&M | Link
Lipstick: $8 Ulta | Link 
Beanie: $22 RVCA - Last Season | Similar | Similar
Fringe Boots: $35 Target - Last Season | Similar | Similar
Knecklace: Thrifted & Gifted | Similar | Similar
Gold Arm Cuff: $15 Sabo Skirt - Sold Out | Similar

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