Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Baja California Coast - Cabo San Lucas

What comes to mind when you think of Cabo San Lucas? Girls gone wild, Spring Break ruckus, and all things wild - right?

This last winter, I wanted to run away for a quick warm weather getaway. Low and behold, the only flight that worked for my schedule was to Cabo San Lucas. I was a little leary as I can't quite hang like I could in the good ol' college days but I gave it a shot, and come to find that there is quite a lot to do besides Senor Frogs and wet t-shirt contests. THANK THE LORD.  

I arrived in an off peak season, at the end of November. We met some pretty rainy weather the entire time, but we managed to find all kinds of things to do regardless.

Cabo is full of great restaurants, all kinds of water activities, great views, sight seeing, and of course shopping. And there is plenty to do culturally as well.  

The streets are full of vendors ready to barter with you for anything and everything. Even better, in some parts of Cabo, I got rewarded with a good ol' Coronita after my purchase!

You can even find gear to cheer on your favorite team.

After awhile, all the shops seem to be the same. We did find one shop in particular that was our favorite. It was a unique shop in downtown Cabo called the Mask Shop.

The owner of the shop was great, telling us all about the artisan goods.

There's also a lot of great eating in Cabo. If you want to try something authentic, there are plenty of taco stands right off the street. 

If you'd rather go somewhere with fun ambiance, The Office is a popular destination in Cabo.  I hear it's a rowdier place during peak times but it was all pretty tame when we went.

You can choose to sit with your toes in the sand or sans sand. Sand all the way for me, Sir!

We ordered some traditional breakfast items, and of course BEVERAGES.

Fresh tortillas only, made hot on the spot!

The Office was great. The location is central, you are right in front of the water, and another bonus is that The Office has their very own glass bottom boat you can take out to El Archo.

For $7, you get a boat ride out to the Arc, stopping to hang out at Lover's beach, to visit the Sea lions, and to peer at the brightly colored Nemos swimming under the glass bottom boat. Truly beautiful views.

We spent the rest of the day wandering the streets. We strolled the traditional mall, checked out the infamous Cabo Wabo, and negotiated $15 massages. There are also great activities like four wheeling, sunset boat tours, fishing tours, snorkeling, camel rides, and more readily available for the adventurous.

We ended the night on the marina. Steak, lobster, and shrimp? Why not?

Oh, and these beautiful views... 

Not too shabby, eh?

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