Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Fringe

Fringe. It's no secret that this is one of the hottest trends of 2016. It made its come back in Spring of last year and stuck around through the Fall. And there is no clear end in sight. If you saw any of the trends to hit New York Fashion Week, fun fringe is here to stay - at least for now...

I have been absolutely obsessed with  fringe skirts. They can look fun and effortless when done up right. They are also instantly eye-catching. Like, "Hey girl whatchu wearing??" kinda looks from people that pass you by - - the good kind, of course. I scored this fringe skirt from Forever. It's faux suede and super comfortable. It was one of those pieces that once I put it on, I was in instantly in love.

The biggest thing with fringe is to have some fun. I paired the skirt with a graphic tank that had obvious verbiage - Fashion Addict... I mean c'mon.

So - go ahead girl, have some fun with it! If you aren't into the fringe skirts. You can add fringe in many ways. 
Fringe boots? 
Fringe jacket? 
Fringe top? 
Yes - all of the above.
There are so many fun ways to incorporate fringe. I included some links of other fringe items that I am loving this year - check the details below! 

Fashion Addict Tank $16.99 |  TJ Maxx: Sold Out | Similar | Similar | Similar
Fringe Faux Suede Skirt $22.90 | Forever 21
Suede Heel $24.90 | Forever 21 | Similar
Name Necklace | The Shine Project: Sold Out | Similar

Fringe Items I'm Loving:

Fringe Booties: Link | Link Link | Link
Fringe Jacket: Link | Link | Link
Fringe Tops/Vests: Link | Link | Link 


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