Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dry Shampoo - Tips & Reviews

If there is one thing I would take with me on a vacation, on a deserted island, you know - EVERYWHERE - it's dry shampoo. Talk about a game changer. I was on board the no shower train long ago, because it's bad for your hair, right? [sure sure] But it's also a damn hassle for a girl to do all of the get ready things after, so I like to avoid washing my hair for as long as possible.

Back in the day, baby powder was always the ultimate answer. And while it certainly did the trick, adding some oomph to your roots has come such a long way! And I'm on a mission to find the unicorn product, so read on for my reviews of five different dry shampoos and some "How To" tips.

Let's start with some basic tips / tricks of using dry shampoo. Forgive me if these seem fucking obvious standard, but in case we've got some virgin dry shampoo users reading, we're going to break it down to the basics.

READ THE DIRECTIONS. Ha. But seriously, each brand is different, and there's directions for a reason. Some say to spray from a few inches away, some say say 12. Some say to work it in with your fingertips right away, others say to wait a few minutes and just stare at your hair in the meantime before brushing it out. So do yourself a favor and really pay attention to the advice of the developers in the directions.

Use a towel to rub in the product. I heard this somewhere through the 'secrets of being a girl' grapevine, and it makes a difference. Using a hand towel to work the product into the roots does the job better than my fingertips or a brush. But that's my personal preference. If you're going to use your fingertips, make sure your hands are clean [duh, but just saying - if you just ate your breakfast Pop-Tart beforehand you aren't doing yourself any favors by not washing your hands first].

Use it at night and sleep with the product in. Also a tip I heard that blew my mind. Like whaaaat do my hair before bed? But applying the product on before sleepy time allows all that tossing & turning to really work the product into your roots and do its glorious magic. You wake up, and BAM, all you gotta do is run a brush through the mane and you are ready. 

Onto the product lineup...
*I sorta feel like I'm on the Bachelorette and choosing my product life partner. Handing out roses to my favorite dry shampoo. No? It's not like that? 

I chose these five because I had tried a few before and liked them or heard from friends that had a fav, and none of these were about to break the bank. Because let's get real, I use dry shampoo way too much to spend a ton on it. If I'm spending a lot on a bottle at that point, I should just get in the damn shower. 

There are tons of brands and different styles of dry shampoo out there, an overwhelming amount in fact. But I'm a fan of aerosol because it seems less messy than a powder and a bit quicker for application. For testing, I used them all on Day 2 hair of not showering so they'd get a fair assessment. [I took statistics, c'mon. This is serious research].

Umberto | $10
A dry shampoo has to smell good. It just does. And this one smells a little on the funny side. There's also lot of white residue, which can sometimes make it seem like it's working, but an aggressive amount I would say. It worked ok - but as the day wore on I could feel the stiffness of the product in my hair. Overall, not a fan of this one. Sorry buddy, better luck next time.

Suave | $5
This one is only $5 which seems like a score, and it smells good while not leaving a white mess. But what good is only spending $5 if it doesn't get the job done? The post-product texture left my hair feeling almost crunchy, which sort of defeats the purpose of not washing my hair if it's left feeling dry & brittle anyway. Go home, Suave.

Big Sexy Hair | $18
Now this little guy... I would definitely use it before a night out. It delivers on the promise and gives you all sorts of volume, but again with the sticky-ness. And for daytime freshening up the hair it's a bit too much Southern poof for my liking. But if you're a volume addict who also despises washing your hair, this is a match made in heaven.

Bamboo Style | $22
This one smells so good I would spray it all over my body, bathe in it, the works. It's mango coconut scented and is nothing short of amazing. There's also no parabens, which feels like you're making the assist in being a better person, am I right? It lasted well throughout the day and didn't weigh down my hair either. I'd definitely go on another date with this bottle.

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo | $6 
But in the end, I gave my final rose to the all around winner of a dry shampoo. There was no white residue, it was lightweight giving me a beach hair vibe which is my go-to look, and it did the job on lasting at least through the work day. You would have to re-apply at night before you go out, but for $6 we can't have it all ladies. 

So there you have it. G'luck on your search for the unicorn of dry shampoos and comment below if you have an absolute fav I need to try!



  1. A rose ceremony worth watching, thanks for the tips!

  2. Replies
    1. Good to know I'm on the right path! Thanks Kels!

  3. I've never used dry shampoo before...but it's funny that you just posted this because it's on my shopping list. These boys take up a lot of time!

    1. I can't believe you're my roomie for life and have never used it. You were probably grossed out by me :) haha

  4. I love mine! I don't know the price right now but it's from how bad could it be!! It's got2be brand called rocking it 4ever stylestay! I use it after working out.. Everyday.. And don't wash it for about 4days!! It works!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion I will definitely have to scoop that up and try it out!

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