Monday, February 22, 2016

Upstairs Circus - Crafting Right

Upstairs Circus. When you hear the name you're probably thinking a room full of attractions like tight-rope walking, balancing acts and human cannonballs. But I can tell you the only thing you will be balancing is the wine glass as you lift it to and from the table. This adorable craft studio is located in Lodo (they do have a DTC location) and here you can quench that inner urge to create.

The concept behind this place is to, "Create, Drink and Be Merry." Upstairs Circus offers a full bar, a "menu" of creative DIY projects and plenty of tables for you and your pals. 

When you arrive you will check in with your "ringmaster" and receive an adorable little figurine. Next you will choose a table where you will create your item. When you get to the table you will see a Project Menu. This menu will be broken up by jewelry, art, home and libations. Each section has about 5-10 projects and you must choose one! 

This was the hardest part. Juggling the options in your head can make any girl overwhelmed. The projects each specify an estimated time frame for completion. This can also help a girl narrow down which project to pick. Most projects range from 1-2 hours. Honestly, all of the time frames seemed a little excessive for the actual time spent. They are probably taking into account that most people are drinking and conversing. 

Everyone in my group went with an art project so I wanted to live outside the box and went for a home project and chose the "stone serving tray." They should probably rename this "basic bach-night tray." Because we all know what this tray will be used for. Wine and Cheese on our favorite night of television -- Bachelor Monday.  Once you have chosen your project, you will exchange your adorable figurine for the tools and supplies for the project of your choice. 

 The time stated was 1 hour and I can say it was probably about 30 mins of actually crafting. After I chose my project I wished I had chosen something else only because it wasn't that complex and I felt it was a project I could have easily done at home -- but hey, that's not the point! 

This is a great place for a girls night, birthday or any excuse you have for crafting and drinking with your loves. The menu changes frequently so new projects are added and old projects are phased out making it easy to add this place to your to-do list for any occasion. 

Happy Crafting, 

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