Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Street Style Swag: Camo + Leather

Swag. I mean, what a word eh? Secretly, we all want that swagger style. And THIS outfit? Has got it. Lil' bit a edge, lil' bit of style, lil' bit of COME AT ME BRO. I feel like I could run the world in this get up. Like Beyonce would throw me a head nod if she passed me in the streets, maybe not... but a girl can dream.

Let's start with the beanie. Winter time, beanie season, you know what to expect from me. Pairing a killer pair of shades with a beanie can cause multiple mirror 'blue steel' looks. BUT the key, for me, is some dainty stems on those shades [these are the parts that sit on your ears people - stems - get with it, I made this up and it's now a real term]. The smaller the frame, the better they tuck into that beanie and look like they were made to be on yo' face.

This jacket. I'm obsessed. Forever 21, I will shop at you until I'm 40 - no shame. It's long but light weight and packs all kinds of swag. Does the coat make the outfit? 90% yes.

Accessories. I can't stress the importance of accessories enough, and if you know me - I am an accessories pusher. It's the difference between you walking out of the house feeling good to feeling like a major babe. Invest in accessories, and know your style well enough to be able to pick out what will bring you comfort [or come find me for help]. It seems strange - but trust - the right accessory is like the comfort blanket of your childhood.

For me, these rings are right up my alley. Scored them in the $1 section at H&M and they haven't come off since. And this honeycomb necklace? Hellooooo outfit killer. My bestie gifted me this gem, and you can wear it a million ways which makes it a game changer for every outfit you own. [All outfit details with links at end of post].

With the mix of camo, leather and gold - I kept the shoes casual, which is my jam anyway. There's lots of variations of this same shoe sold online, and they happen to go with every outfit I own. Highly recommended as an addition to your wardrobe. 

And the pants take the cake with those zipper bottoms, also, I should note that they're fleece lined. So while they keep you warm & toasty in the winter, you definitely can't rock them in the warmer months [because butt sweat]. You've been warned.

Kill it out there, babes. Make Beyonce proud. 


Grey Trench Coat > $29 @ Forever 21 [sold out online, linked similar]
Camo Tee >$10 @ Goodwill [linked similar]
Crooks & Castles Leather Pants > $29 on sale @ Community Service Boutique
Sneakers > $38 online @ ASOS [on sale now for $23]
Black Neff Beanie > $16 @ PacSun
Honey Comb Pendant Necklace > $22 online @ Ily Couture [on sale now for $8!]
Rings > $1 [yes, $1 on sale] @ H&M
Sunglasses > $8 @ H&M


  1. You are the cuuutest, Emma. Love to check you ouuuuut.

  2. LOVE THIS :) You are a cutie! So happy we met today!!!!

    1. So great to meet you! Can't wait for future endeavors!