Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Keeping Austin Weird in 30 Hours or Less

Howdy Ya'll.

Ever feel like you just need to get away? Lately, I've been overly consumed in the fast paced life of the hustle. I don't mind - but sometimes, you just need to unplug. Even if that means running away for a mere 1.5 days.

You do what you've got to do, you know?

Anyway, Monkey Town is a traveling cinematic dining event that first started in NY. It traveled to Denver but low and behold, I got too busy and somehow never made it. Now, a cinematic dining event is exactly my type of thing, because what the hell is it, right? Exactly... it's different, it's weird, and it's just not common place - so it must be fun and exciting. Welp, Monkey Town stopped over in Austin, Texas before heading overseas, so I chased it down south. Perfect excuse to get to the big state.

First stop, South Congress street with all its coffee shop, vintage clothes glory. South Congress is a great place to spend a day, it has great dining, bars, shopping, and just people watching.

You'll find the infamous 'I love you so much wall' on this strip at Jo's Coffee.

The Hotel San Jose is also on this strip as well.  It's pretty hip, guys. You should probably stay here, because ivy covered buildings are so in, duh.

You'll stop into the typical but also not so typical boutiques on South Congress. Uncommon Objects is a thrifters dream come true. It's full of the most interesting knick knacks you never knew you needed, but absolutely do.

No photography allowed in this building so you'll have to make a trip to uncover what the raved after shop is all about.

One thing I love about Austin, is there are all kinds of neighborhoods to run around in. South Congress is great, but I also loved wandering off to Rainy Street, East 6th, South Lamar, and the campus area.

Oh, and Monkey Town was just as amazing and uh... interesting as I could have imagined.

Stay weird dear Austin,

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