Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Getting Spicy with Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

There are a lot of people that are sports fans. Then there are a lot of people like me, that are just there for the mean potluck and occasional cheering.

Either way, a good game or get together that involves sports, reality tv, or the like are all a good excuse to whip up some snacks for your favorite friends.

My go to are these Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos.  You only need a few ingredients and can whip these up in no time - plus, everyone loves bacon! You can even get a little creative with these by switching up the cream cheese flavor you stuff the jalapenos with.

The team:

The main ingredients you will need are jalapenos, bacon, and cream cheese. You can switch up the type of pepper you'd like, and also get wild with some different flavors of cream cheese. I've done a batch with a chipotle cream cheese flavor before and got equal likes.  

I like to sweeten up this savory snack with some brown sugar and a jam.

I had a Primo Blackberry Serrano jam handy, so that fit the bill just fine.

Now to start: 

Get to slicing those jalapenos. Wear gloves if you wish, but if you're a real risk taker, jump right in.  We will slice the jalapenos lengthwise, then scoop out all the seeds.  Careful with the hands today folks, don't get too handsy if you know what I mean.

After, you finish prepping the spicy little fellows, you'll scoop in the cream cheese. If the cheese is softened at room temperature, it's much easier. Genius thinking, huh?

Now, we get a little slimy. Cut your bacon in half. Hint - get the traditional or thin cut bacon.  No need for that fancy thick cut today.

Wrap each slice with a half bacon slice, be generous and wrap some of the larger guys with two if desired.

I set these puppies on a roasting pan, equipped with rack.  I'd highly recommend this, if you have the option. Once the fat drains from the bacon, the pan can get a little messy, so be careful if you are baking this on a cookie sheet or without a rack.

Line em up!

And dust them with a little brown sugar. 

Pop them in the oven at 400 for twenty minutes. 

Keep an eye on them.

The bacon will typically look a little bit raw, but not to worry.

Put the broiler on high and blast those jalapenos for about 2 minutes to crisp and brown.

Plate them up and enjoy! You can drizzle the jam directly on top or leave the jam on the side for personal preferences.

Careful - these may make you sweat a little.

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