Friday, January 8, 2016

The Perfect Cheese Plate

Welp ladies, The Bachelor is back.  And Ben Higgins is the man of the hour.

Let's just stuff our faces with cheese to numb the heartbreak of losing that hubba hubba hunk from the man market shall we?

What is my idea of the perfect cheese board?  Well, I like a variety of cheeses, definitely some meats, something sweet, and of course something crunchy.  Ultimately, it must be cute. 

Let's begin.

Top some cheese with jam or a drizzle of honey to cover the sweetness.  Jam works lovely for a Camembert or Brie type cheese and adds a pop of color to check off that cuteness factor for the board.

Add in some meats for the savory side of things.. prosciutto will always be my favorite for a Charcuterie board but choose whatever you  prefer or whatever is on special for the day.  Who doesn't love a deal?

A variety of color and shapes always makes for visual appeal.  I'll leave some cheeses in larger chunks, I'll slice some down for variety as well.

A dash of artisan salt adds a pop of color on top of the stark white cheeses and it's a fun way to add some zing! I used my coveted salts from  Bespoke Provisions- a local vendor. You can typically find these salts at The Denver Flea, which we love so much.

I used a mixture of Espresso salt and Sriracha salt.

After you have all your goodies in place, just arrange them on the plate as if you are arranging your own cheese masterpiece. Bring out that inner Pablo Picaso, it's fun I tell ya!  Throw in some herbs for color, and some toothpick labels for additional fun and you've got yourself a cheese plate that the gals will squeal at in glee!  Dig in!

Happy nibbling ladies,

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