Tuesday, January 5, 2016


This is the true story of seven "not-so" strangers, picked to live together on one houseboat and have their lives "documented" to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start to... party?

Haha. Okay, rewind.

Lake Powell, AZ. Ever heard of it? If not, google it now. Immediately. Like go.

Mel planned this amazing 5 day getaway adventure across 1,500+ miles. We started in the homeland, Denver, CO. Journeyed 254 miles in a caravan on a Tuesday night and five and a half hours later we arrived in Moab, Utah. Once we arrived in Moab our plan was for a journey into the wild to a mysterious, "yurt." A yurt is basically a circular tent, typically in the middle of nowhere.

I say mysterious because, well... we never made it. We decided to forgo the yurt to save time and crashed 6 people in a tiny hotel room for the next 4 hours before the adventure would begin, again. Honestly, it took longer to get there then we had planned and we didn't calculate correctly how much time we had to get to Lake Powell to be there in time to pick up our boat. Moab, we'll be back!

The next few days were filled with insane amounts of booze, beers and of course food. Why am I always drinking? Lake Powell is insanely beautiful. It is surrounded on either side with massive walls of rock and sand and the clearest blue water. We drove for hours before we came across the perfect beach spot that appealed to the adventurer in us all. Here we were able to hike, camp, swim and explore with plenty of sunshine.

Champagne and OJ.
Champagne, OJ and Sunshine.
This can become a quick recipe for disaster. But an amazingly fun, hilarious, great fucking disaster. Either way, you won't hear me knock champagne. Ever. But, it is the most dangerous beverage for myself and anyone who can drink 100+ Mimosas at bottomless. Well, we made our own mimosas and served them till the bottles were dry. This made for a very interesting day. By interesting I mean half of the real world crew was down before 3 pm and the rest were up till the wee hours of the morning blaring emo songs from our childhood. Please tell no one. Drake till I die.

My favorite part of this trip was Antelope Canyon. It is a quick 15 mile drive from Lake Powell. Go 'head and awww at the glory of this place below. The canyon is on the Navajo Reservation. You may only enter accompained by a tribe tour guide - and our guide was awesome. He brought a flute that whistled this native tune that perfectly paired with the site of these canyons. It really is breathtaking which is corny AF... but it really is. I was in absolute awe the entire time.

We also kicked the Grand Canyon off our bucket lists this trip!

A trip for books. If you haven't added these amazing must-see adventures to your bucket list, do it. Do it now!

Stay Wild,

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