Monday, January 18, 2016

Bacon Social House

Bacon anyone? If you eat meat, you probably have a huge appreciation for bacon.

If not, fuck you. This post isn't for you. Kidding... kinda.

I absolutely love bacon, and when I heard about the new restaurant to hit the Denver scene, Bacon Social House, my mouth instantly began to salivate for that ohh soo yummy pork treat.

So, I called for a date night, cue Bacon Social House [if that wasn't obvious already]. This spot is located in Denver's Sunnyside Neighborhood. A little further west of Highlands if you aren't familiar with the area. It took us a quick 10 minute Uber to Bacon Social House from the Ballpark neighborhood.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I knew the majority of the items featured on the menu contained bacon. I envisioned walking through the doors to a hip chic bacon lovers club with pictures of pigs, bacon and maybe some subtle appreciation to live-stock farmers.

The place isn't exactly what I pictured, but I was right about the hip chic bacon lovers club and they even have some photos of pigs. The restaurant features large pop art style murals with a mix of a muted teal and burnt orange furniture and fixtures. I can hear the girls gasping over this color scheme already. And, you're right. Bitches love teal. Also, the touch of mid-century pieces had me in love.

When you walk up to the social house you can see in large red glowing letters the word BACON. It's like a batcall for bacon lovers. And boy, were they lined up. The restaurant is a little smaller than I had anticipated but thank god for resos. Since, this place is new and contains the word bacon, I suggest making a reservation to save yourself the wait. The Bacon Bat Call is out and people are flocking.

Now for the menu. Like I said above, the majority of the items on the menu contain bacon. So Bacon Lovers - again - rejoice. To my surprise, even cocktails offered that gotta-love-it pork flavor. Check out this Haberno Bacon Old-Fashion made with you guessed it bacon bourbon.

The social house offers both brunch and dinner and each menu offered is a little bit different, but contains some of the same items. We were there for dinner and I went with the Fettuccini option, because yes, I love me some pasta. The fettuccini was made with crispy pancetta which is a favorite of mine. The sauce was a mornay sauce so think more of a gravy than your traditional alfredo sauce. I loved it!

For the man, he did BBQ ribs which came accompanied with a bacon mac and cheese pasta, collard greens, and featured a blueberry-chiptole sauce. The ribs were perfect, they weren't overly sauced and still had that smokey flavor we all love when we think of BBQ ribs.

I think they said it best: "Bacon is truly a neighborhood spot where, food is family."  I can't wait to go back for brunch, and yes, they have bottomless.

Oink Oink,

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