Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Wear: Casual & Cozy

Bundle up buttercup - it's FREEZING outside. Wintertime is finally among us. Fall held out as long as possible, but I suppose if it's going to snow and be ridiculously frigid - the least we can do is give you some layered winter looks.

The key to looking put together and stylish even in the snow? Layers and accessories!

I may look all cozy, but this day was fucking cold nearly 20 degrees outside, so hot cocoa helps keep you all warm & fuzzy on the inside. This outfit is great for a casual day - especially if you'll be outside for some of it. I was in the Black Hills with family spending some time in the snow with the little ones in the fam jam, and this ended up being the perfect comfy outfit to run around in yet still look decent for family photos. #score

The vest was another steal from Buffalo Exchange [you're all seeing where my secrets at!] and I love that the fit works for wearing it over big or small undershirts. The sweater is actually an XL. I have a thing for buying bigger sizes in tops, and because it's so big I have another layered shirt under it to keep me warm.

Onto the boots, these are incredibly comfortable to wear, keep my feet super warm, and actually hold up pretty swell too. TOMS shoes aren't known for being the best in wear / tear, but these babies are on Winter season #2 so they're doing their part. I could have been a little neater on the string ties for these photos, but hey, I was outside playing hard so let's not get too formal here.

The sweater also has those killer zippers at the bottom sides. I go for any shirt or wardrobe piece that has a unique aspect to it. Also the inside pocket details on that vest?! Rad. I like those so much I am tempted to wear that puppy inside out. We'll see if I make that work...

There are a lot of different textures going on with this outfit, and when I do that I like to keep the color palette simple or in this case - neutral. Grey / White / Tan / Black / Gold. Quite honestly, my wardrobe doesn't stem too far from those colors.
[I'll work on that].

By now you've probably noticed that I'm a frugal lady. So check the links below and stay warm & stylish this Winter, on the cheap. 


RVCA Beanie > $22 @ Pac Sun
Sunglasses > $15 @ Target
Knit Infinity Scarf > $3 @ Target [scored it in the $1 section - linked similar]
Vest > $45 by Gentlefawn  [scored mine for $20 at Buffalo Exchange - linked similar]
Sweater > $63 @ Athleta
Champion Gloves > $15 @ Target
Watch > $25 @ Walmart
Jeans > $21 @ Target
TOMS Boots > $48 online @ Ebay [scored mine for $20 at Buffalo Exchange - linked similar]


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    1. Thanks for the photog skills!

  2. How stinkin' cute are YOU!? Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!

    1. Well thank you, Carin! I hope you and your family did as well!

  3. Love those outfits! Looking forward to seeing your date night picks! :)

  4. You’re always looking so wonderful in all of your outfits! I like this dress very much!