Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mom's Holiday Caramel Corn

Holidays back in South Dakota mean lots of family time, laughter, and baking - lots and lots of baking. This treat is sweet, easy, and so dang good! Oh! It also has zero calories and can be considered a well-balanced meal on its own. [Kidding - a girl can dream, right?]

First up - the ingredients. It's a super simple recipe so there aren't a ton of ingredients. You'll need butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, baking soda, and Puff Corn.

Melt two sticks (one cup) of unsalted butter over medium heat.

Add 2/3 cup of corn syrup to the melting butter.

Add 1 and 1/4 cup of brown sugar.

Stir until all ingredients are mixed.

Add one teaspoon of baking soda.

Remove from stove and stir until the mixture gets a little cloudy.

Yep, one cloudy mixture of goodness [are you drooling yet?]

Now for the puff corn. Being from the Midwest, Old Dutch puff corn is the weapon of choice.

Put the entire bag of puff corn in a large roasting pan and drizzle the mixture over the puffs.

Stir until evenly coated.

Keep stirring...

Pop in the oven at 250 degrees.  

Remove the puff corn after 15 minutes and stir. Put back in the oven and repeat two more times until total cook time has reached 45 minutes. 

Spread out those little puff balls of heaven onto some wax paper and let cool.

Tadaa! Warning: these babies are addicting. I dare you to stop at one handful.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  1. Wow didn't realize you guys were such celebrities! Better see some of this in Platte tomorrow!

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