Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gift Guide: For The Gal Pals [all under $40]

The Holidays. This time of year is full of delicious food, lovey dovey shiz, wine, and other glorious things... but it's also that time of year where you want to shower everyone you meet in the streets with fabulously thoughtful gifts but *ahem* there's this thing called "going for broke," and we're not about to put that verb on you.

If you're still hunting down the perfect gifts for your girlfriends, we've got you. AND THEY'RE ALL UNDER $40. You know what that means - budget left for that killer New Years Eve outfit.

Let's start with that OCD friend, you know the one [Katie CoCo, I'm looking at you]. She's always prepared for an impromptu meeting, checking goals off her list left and right, post it notes everywhere, basically just a boss bitch. Here's a few items to keep her fabulous and productive.

[ Links ]
2016 Planner > $20 @ Hattan Home
Coffee Mug > $15 @ MostToastyGoods Etsy
Wall Print > $8 @ Craft Boner
Clipboard > $20 @ Pottery Barn
Kate Spade Pencils > $17 @ Urban Girl Office Supply

Next up, the trendy friend. She's always attempting to sport the latest style and she's the type of gal that considers every accessory she puts on with some careful thought. I suppose I could fall in this category, so I don't suggest buying actual clothes for this friend unless you saw her go in the dressing room, come out looking ah-mazing and heard her say "I fucking love this." I've seen it go wrong too many times because clothes are tricky! You never know how they'll fit. BUT, you can keep her fully stocked with some trendy accessories.
*The hoops are a trio of an earring cuff worn on the cartilage [the ear pics were just too weird, shudders]
[ Links ]
Beret > $10 @ Forever 21
Scarf > $25 @ Asos
Cuff Earring > $16 @ Olive Yew
Tortoise Sunglasses > $22 @ Ily
Choker > $14 @ NomadicStore Etsy

Then you have the friend that is literally the hostess with the most-est. The babe who says, "You guys can come over, but my house is a mess..." and then you get there and it's spotless with a dining table set-up that looks straight outta Pinterest. Kaylee is so this friend, who flawlessly makes any arrangement look like gold. This home styling-type doesn't need much help, but she'll appreciate your efforts like a true hostess would.
[ Links ]
Cutting Board > $31 @ West Elm
Home Styling for the Winter Book > $30 @ Terrain
Bottle Opener > $10 @ Anthropologie
Holiday Placemats > $13 @ Macy's
Gold Stemware > $28 @ Anthropologie

Finally there's your friend that never slows down. She's constantly searching for the next adventure and always spending her spare time globe trotting as best she can. Melissa, girl you know this is you. I mean, you gotta keep an iPhone note on her just to keep up with all the fun plans she's making in her head. So a little wanderlust encouragement never hurt anyone...

*How cute is that dang eye mask? Beauty sleep is a lot easier on loud public transportation when it's pseudo pitch black.

[ Links ]
Phone Case > $24 @ Anthropologie
Travel Journal > $15 @ Lulu & Georgia
Kate Spade Water Bottle > $30 @ Nordstrom
Duffel Bag > $25 @ Deals Plus
Wild Fox Eye Mask > $36 @ Shop Bop

If you need more gifting inspo, be sure to check out our Keep page. And if you've never heard of - oh man - I apologize in advance for all of the shopping that's about to go down.



  1. As soon as I started reading this I immediately knew who was writing. Classic Emma June. And I'm totally shocked you're not done shopping (sense the sarcasm) :-)

    1. Hahaha. You know me too well! I miss and love you, Bethy!