Thursday, December 24, 2015

Favorite Date Spot: Americatus

Date night can be a seemingly overwhelming to new relationships and to old. Date night can mean a lot of different things, to different couples. Some are movie-goers, coffee shop lovers and of course the dinner daters. I am a dinner date girl. If you take me somewhere romantic where food is involved, I am a happy girl! Riveting conversation is also a key factor in any date night, but that's obvious right ladies? My boyfriend and I have claimed our Date Spot and I was reluctant to share because I wanted to keep it our little secret, but this place is a quaint, romantic culinary experience that I want to share with all my Denver daters.

Americatus: New World Italian. Many of you have probably strolled past these doors and not known the exquisite cuisine that lies within it. Los Chingones [you know, the place you got wasted on beergritas with your girlfriends on Taco Tuesday] is two doors down. Is it RiNo? Is it LoDo? I'm not sure. I get confused where the line is drawn, but this place is amazing. We have had almost every dinner entree on the menu and have yet to find a dish that I am not oohhhing and awwing over.

All entrees are made from scratch that day and the menu changes frequently with a few staples. They have an amazing L'Antipasto menu where you can build your own platter of breads, cheeses, meats and veggies. We skipped this option this time but it is really excellent - would be great for a lunch meeting, or an appetizer stop before a night out. I can't attest to the sandwiches, but I am confident that they are probably great too.

On Tuesday nights they host a "Date Night" special which is quite a steal. The deal is two entrees, 1 bottle of wine, and one dessert for $60. Their entrees range between $15-$25. The date night deal saves you a lot if you normally get a bottle with dinner - I happen to love wine, and have converted my boyfriend into a wino as well, so this is an obvious choice for us. And wine lovers know once you get a bottle... and another... your bill can climb pretty quickly.

The atmosphere is also another reason why I love this place so much. It is modest, dimly lit and just oozes romance. They have several individual tables as well as community tables - which can be fun if you are sat by the right people [or completely awkward, the community table is definitely a gamble]. The staff is also amazing, super friendly and always there to help you choose the best dish for your style. 

The dish I went with was  called "Cioppino." It was a tilapia and shrimp risotto dish. The risotto was a small cake that they fried. Next to the adorable risotto cake was the tilapia and shrimp in a bed of tomatoes, onions and red sauce. Topped with arugula and two bread slices. 

The boyfriend went with the "Papardelle," it was a sausage pasta dish. It had large thick noodles with sliced sausages, and a buttery cream sauce. 

Add this place to your next dinner date night and I promise you will be pleased! 

Cheers to Denver date spots and Americatus for providing a culinary experience that leaves me overjoyed every time!



  1. Love that you turned the boyfriend into a wino. ;)

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