Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY: Herringbone Canvas

Sometimes I get this creative surge and I need to release it. It really doesn't matter what it is as long as it is something that allows me to be expressive.

Anyone else out there? DIY nerds?

I had been looking to add a new art piece to my walls. My living colors are like this plus white and gold :

*Created this palette at -awesome little app that helps visualize color schemes. 

I decided on a canvas piece and wasn't quite sure on size. I decided to pick a hallway wall so thought I would choose a long skinny vertical canvas. Thankfully, my lovely boyfriend understands this creative urge and was willing to make this one of our Sunday activities. We made a trip to Michael's and picked up paint and canvases.

Here is where Pinterest jumped in. I had seen a herringbone canvas and I really loved it! I thought - this is probably gonna be super hard, right? We've all seen Pinterest fails and, although hilarious, I did not want to contribute to this group and was hoping for a perfect execution. To my surprise it wasn't too bad! The example I had found didn't give a lot of detail on what she did but I decided to jump right into it.

First, I chose paint colors based on my living colors to help match. I went with:

Black || Teal || Gold || Lime Green || Grey

The example I had found the mother had let her childern paint the background all crazily, which her's turned out really nice. I decided to just paint the canvas mainly striped horizontally, I figured with hanging it vertical it would make the background look great, as well as pop the herringbone pattern off the stripes.
Here is how my pattern came out: 

It looks pretty ugly [in my opinion] but I knew the end result would be much better.

Next, you use blue painters tape to make the pattern. Roughly about an inch for each of the pieces, I did not measure them exact and some are longer and some are short to make the pattern work. This part takes the longest. When I first started the pattern I struggled with lining them up so I moved the pieces around quite a bit at the beginning, you get better as you go. I promise.

Once you are finished taping, you can choose an accent color of what the pattern will be; I chose white. I wish I had done gold instead but I am still pleased with how it turned out. I waited about 45 minutes to 1 hour to allow for the paint to dry. Then I began removing the tape. Some of the paint bled through which instantly had me nervous on how it would turn out. In the end I embraced the uneven-ness. 

Supplies Needed: 
Blue Painters Tape
Mutli Surface Paint
Foam Poly Brushes
*Michael's will have all the supplies you need
Newspaper - for keeping your table safe

Here's to Pinterest on feeding the urge, and here's to me for not completely failing. 


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