Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brunchin at Flora Farms

So I went to Mexico and fell in love with the cutest little farm, Flora Farms.

If you're wondering where to eat or what to do in Los Cabos, this is it.

Claim to fame is that Adam Levine and his babelicious wife Behati Prinsloo, married here last year. If it's good enough for them, well then hot diggity - I'm definitely going to love it, right? I'm a band wagon type of girl.

Anyway, it's cute and if you're a girl, you'll love it because uh dog rescue, bloody marys, cute flowers, and just cottage-y goodness overload. I'll explain...

Flora Farms is a farm, restaurant, retail space, event venue, and even a cottage home for some. When you visit Flora Farms, give yourself time to explore as there is more to do then just have a meal.

We wandered the space taking in all it had to offer.

There's also a treehouse you can climb up into.  You know I love treehouses.

Oh, and I can't forget the cottage walk with crawling vines of beautiful flowers.  It just screams, come prance.

There are private cottage homes on the farm as well.  Some areas are reserved just for the home owners.  You can peek at them playing some croquet.  Ah, the sweet life, huh?

Anyway, the main attraction is the restaurant. It's an outdoor/indoor type of space with live music day and night. I went for brunch, however I heard their dinner menu is amazing. Being there for a sunset dinner definitely wouldn't be a bad time. 

We sat down and were immediately greeted by a man with a Popsicle cart.

Who are you?! Why are you so cool?!  

It was a scorcher of day so a complimentary homemade watermelon icee pop was exactly what I needed. Mindreaders, I tell ya.

The Bloody Mary has seasonal accouterments. Check mine out! I guess that's what fresh tomato juice looks like folks...who knew...

We ordered a Burrata Board and a Fennel Sausage and Mozzarella flat bread. The table mats doubled for a fun board game, and also a biography of the dogs that were rescued at Flora Farms. Flora Farms fosters puppies in need and they all have quite the personalities. My favorite was Gaucho, he was rescued twice, and returned twice. He has one blue eye, one brown and is quite handsome. There was another cutie pie named Guapo who is toothless but still manages to eat - what a darling...

We ordered our food and made up our own games to play while we waited.

The burrata board was the prettiest I have ever seen. Edible flowers?! Alright, Whole Foods - I'm coming for you, I get it!

Anyway, feast your eyes on this. I spent about 10 minutes taking photos of this beauty.  [Embarrassing, I know]

The pizza, we inhaled without snapping a picture. I don't remember what it looks like (must have been hungry) but it was darn delicious.

Anyway, if you're going to Los Cabos GO HERE.  It just doesn't make sense not to.

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