Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Boozy Denver Flea Shopping

It's already that time of year - when you must shop for others. I know. Pull back the reigns on that selfish shopping budget and give / give / give my friends.

Luckily for us, there's events like the Denver Flea in our backyard that make holiday shopping a breeze! And it's not just regular shopping, it's boozy shopping. Those are the magic words people...

The Denver Flea has been around for a few years now (so exact, I know) and our crew gets down on it every season. What's not to love about a trendy pop-up marketplace full of Colorado's hippest makers and creators?! Exactly, swoon.

And if shopping amongst a crowd isn't your jam, there's more than just browsing to be done. They've got food trucks, live music, cocktails + beer + a speak easy, interactive photo booths by Lolo LLC, gift wrapping stations and probably more things that I was too amped to even take note of.

Besides everything being the cutest of setups, the vendors were full of shop-able goods. Every lane we ventured down was a dream! From artwork, to vintage threads, to handmade jewelry, to doggie treats, to YOU NAME IT, IT WAS THERE.

We made sure to hit up some of our local favorites that are staples at the Flea like Adorn [metalsmith jewelry maker], Deny Designs [home decor for the creative type], and Craft Boner [basically anything and everything you would want to buy - she makes]. If you clicked those links, do yourself a favor and have that credit card handy - you're gonna need it.

The whole shindig is put on by a local company called Imbibe Events, and they kill it in the trendy, you-wanna-be-seen-here, party realm. The name is pretty fitting, because there was no loss for booze at this event. New Belgium was dishing out frosty beers and Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey was creating fucking strong cocktails that tasted exactly like Christmas. This is possible, I promise.

Clearly I'm winning the battle against that saddle and the cocktails. Classy AF.

The next Denver Flea will hit this Spring so keep your eyes peeled on their website. AND this was the best Flea yet because our gal pal Nicki was in charge! Not only did she kill it, but we made sure to have all of the fun - clearly to celebrate her hard work [we're just so good at that].

*Thanks to the Flea for letting me use some of their photos! Too many cocktails to properly document...

Here's to exchanging your pjs for real people clothes, getting out of the house, and doing shit.



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