Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Recap: Twerk or Treat 2015

Alright, time for a Weekend Recap!

Hope all you witches had a wonderful Halloween! Let's just say here at The Collaboration Blog we like a good party - and Halloween is no exception.

But first: Decorations.

We tend to go a little crazy when tasked with decorations. Katie made trips to several store locations; Michael's ended up being the most beneficial. She went on Saturday morning - procrastination at its finest. But it paid off. Everything was 70% off so most of the pieces were under $5.00. -- Party City on the other hand is soo fucking overpriced but they had the essentials in the correct color combinations that we of course had to have.

Second: Booze and Snacks.

Instacart and Drizzly. If you haven't hopped on the grocery and booze delivery train - let us toot the horn to convince you. Instacart is grocery delivery that delivers directly to your doorstep, quickly. The best part is the shoppers are super helpful, they will call/text you if the store is out of your desired item and help you choose something else.

They brought us everything required to help complete Katie's, "Poison Punch" - you would think this is a Halloween term but she tends to make this anytime of the year and it's called poison punch because well... We'll let Emma explain that. Haha. It is also a secret recipe [for now].

*Every time Katie makes this damn party cocktail I request that someone slap my hand from the punch bowl after I've had my fair share. It's so tasty I can't resist having eight one too many, but be warned it packs a mean hangover... - Emma 

Drizzly - you're up! Okay liquor store at your fingertips. Basically a one stop shop for all the booze you could want. They are also super speedy, less than 30 minutes till your toasting Champagne. Okay, we got more than Champagne, but does that really matter? And how 'bout these cute-as-a-button ghost shot glasses?! Melissa pulled these together with white frosting on the rim topped with chocolate sprinkles, and inside... Rumchatta! Nom nom.

Third: Costumes.

Katie: I decided that this year I would do a couple's costume. We generated a list, pretty lengthy of ideas and suggestions. Top on the list: Marve and Harry from Home Alone --maybe next year. We settled for Gomez and Morticia Addams as a quick / easy last  minute costume. Shout out to Amazon Prime for 2-Day delivery.

Emily: Going for the scary Halloween get-up is not my usual choice, but I was digging the skeleton look and wanted to give it a shot. I found this helpful skeleton makeup tutorial on YouTube that walked me through step-by-step. [Still took me about 2 hours, lots of pause & play]. But I gotta say, even though the makeup turned out pretty killer, the creepy contacts absolutely made the look. I got mine from Freaky's Smoke Shop in Denver, but you can also order corrected vision ones from I bought all my skeleton makeup from either Party City or Walgreens, nothing fancy. I ended up borrowing most pieces of my outfit from friends and scored the black tulle skirt from Rue 21. Who knew that store still existed?! 

Successful scary-costume execution, most of my friends didn't even recognize me or couldn't hold conversations with me because they were so creeped out. I'll take it! But only on Halloween... ha. 

Kaylee: Deciding on a costume this year was way more difficult than I thought it would be, but who am I kidding? I always make last minute decisions. Our original idea of being Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf was my favorite, but once my boyfriend tried on the dress he ordered online, the idea was nixed. He said it was too short. He has better legs than I do so I think it would have been just fine, but whatever. I'll work on getting my boyfriend to cross-dress next year.

We made our final decision after watching Beetlejuice on the Thursday before. Again, thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

Melissa: I hate dressing up. I'm a big bah-humbuger when it comes to theme parties, Halloween, and whatever else requires me to go out and buy wigs or anything ridiculously amusing for that matter. Naturally I waited until the day before Halloween to decide what concoction of a get up I would pull together with only things that I already had in my closet. This year, it was a sterotypical nerd. I pulled out the high waisted jeans, suspenders, nerd glasses, and oxfords. Now, I do think that Halloween means I should probably be somewhat scary, so my nerd costume quickly turned into an anti-bully campaign when I decided to add some blood with a slit throat and a black eye. [I accidently got soap in my eye before the party, so the red eye played off brilliantly with the black eye]. Anyway, I finished off the costume with none other than some spitballs in my hair, my ComicCon badge, and a good ol' Kick Me sign. Terrifying - I know.

The party was a success. Sunday's hangover was proof enough. But, I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Boo Bitches

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