Monday, November 16, 2015

Treehouse Dreamin

My mind often wanders to dreamy vacations and picturesque getaways. For the past few years, I've found myself daydreaming of charming treehouses tucked away in enchanted forests - so typical girl of me, I know. Well this past May, my gal pals and I decided to turn these day dreams into a reality.

We packed our bags [many, many bags... like 8 bags, 3 girls, 2 nights type of thing] and set off to TreeHouse Point in Issaquah, Washington.

Getting to Issaquah was a breeze. Us ladies piled into our trendy [not so trendy] little rental car and took off for a 20 minute road trip. It's a quick getaway from the Seattle city life. The roads are clearly marked and paved the entire way, surprisingly easy to get to. No need for a huge SUV or anything of that sort. As soon as we turned the corner to the lodge, we were in full glee mode and couldn't wipe the perma-smiles off of our faces. [Think squealing pre-teen girls at a Bieber concert. Absolutely NO chill].

TreeHouse Point is an inviting, picture perfect bed and breakfast tucked away amongst the trees. If you're an avid treehouse fan, you might recognize it from the show Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet! We had no idea there was a treehouse cult following [I mean, they have tours and rope it off during the day because of too many eager fans] but we appreciated it to the fullest.

We dropped off our bags in our new home and hurried off to the trails to embrace our inner zen and took in a few moments of serenity. There were trails to wander towards the river that the treehouse community was built around. There were also cute little seating areas dispersed throughout the trails.

We even spotted a nap hammock, perfect for tending to my favorite past time [haha, I kid].

For dinner, we put together our very own cheese and meat platter that we concocted from a local market in Seattle. Little did we know Emily is lactose intolerant. One bathroom break later, we had it under control and proceeded on with our night of bonfires, wine, and girl talk.

If that's not enough to make you scribble this down on your bucket list, the treehouse community is also stocked full of everything and anything to make the weekend oh so perfect and cozy. The lobby is filled with mugs and options of tee, hot cocoa, coffee, hot cider, anything to feel warm and snuggly. There's kindling and s'more kits to help you partake in a perfect little bonfire in their multiple fire-pit areas. Come morning, you have an ah-mazing chef to make you all kinds of delicious breakfast options. We had savory french toast, breakfast casserole, lox sandwiches, fresh pastries, amongst other options to fill our morning bellies.

All of the treehouses are different with their own unique personality.  Ours was named Trillium.

The open windows made this beauty my favorite of the batch. I was lucky to snag this reservation as they are typically fully booked up to a year in advanced. Check their website often because sometimes you'll see a few days randomly open up.

Most treehouses did not come with a bathroom. This made me and my itsy bitsy bladder uber nervous but fear not, the private washhouses are all SO close and are oh so luxurious. There's also an outdoor shower area that is available for you to embrace your inner wild side [swoon]!

Tip - the treehouse comes equipped with earplugs, however my advice is to save those for another time. When else will you get the opportunity to be gently woken up by chirping frogs?! [Kermit, is that you?!]

Suffice to say, I definitely recommend Treehouse Point. Take your sweetie and embrace the serenity of this remote, quaint getaway or grab some wine and cheese and have the ultimate girls picnic / sleepover with the besties.

Either way, you simply can not go wrong. #TRUTH.

Happy daydreamin,

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