Thursday, November 5, 2015

That Bucket List Life

Those moments, when you're gushing with your best gals [probably after too many glasses of wine] and you make the mistake of spilling your bucket list. And explaining that this year, the year before you hit 30, will be the time to knock off some of that damn list.

But that's how you end up here. Jumping off a bridge. Probably peeing your pants a little...

Back it up, get your ass back on that bridge. Let's build up the suspense a little, shall we? Awhile ago, we started a tradition where each year, one of us gets to 'Make A Wish' on our birthdays and pick an item from our bucket list to cross off. Then, it's up to the squad to make it happen. After revealing that bungee jumping was next on my agenda, Kaylee & Melissa presented me with a girl's trip to LA - complete with JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE.

Needless to say, I saddled up and was stoked about this adventure.

Who picks me to drive the fancy upgraded rental in LA? Clearly a bad idea. Seeing as we live in Denver, and miss the water with every part of our being, it was straight to Venice Beach for stop #1. Just a tiny bit of speeding, and a whole lot of tourist action to be had. Cue cheesy beach photo! 

And of course stop #2... s h o p p i n g. So much shopping. And my favorite kind too - street side thrifting! Denim for days and I also picked up that trendy little camo number. LA, I applaud you.

Too many boutiques to count later, we cut ourselves off from shopping & checked-in to our posh hotel at The Grafton on Sunset. Which also happened to be right in the middle of a huge water main break in the city. So that was fun. Minus the whole flooding thing, this hotel was adorable and in the perfect location for our getaway.

Ten outfit changes later, we made our way to a night out in West Hollywood at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails and met up with our main squeezes, Garrett and his beautiful blue ride, Lil Wheezy Ann. Cocktail after cocktail later, the night turned into a marathon of deep answers to The Question Game and photoshoots in 7-Eleven parking lots. #reallife

A top night spent into the wee hours of the morning, means struggle bus getting up for 7:30am check-in time for a 5 mile hike to jumping off a bridge. About here is when we began to wonder what the hell we were thinking...

We met up with the rest of the Bungee America crew, and started our 2 hour hike to the Bridge to Nowhere. The breathtaking setting really prepared you for death set you up for almost making the jump feel zen-like. Almost.

We were still pretty damn scared, so... liquid courage anyone? Nothing a little wine can't take care of. Kaylee [bless her heart] volunteered to go first. Just look at her up there with those brave souls! Strapping young man with his shirt off, and then frightened KayKay. She took it like a champ, only a few tears. We did it [yes, even Mel] and we're pretty darn proud of ourselves. Hangover and all!

We celebrated at Faith & Flower in downtown LA that night, where Kaylee knew the Sommelier, Kip. Shout out to Kip for bringing us bottle after bottle and hosting an amazing night. Which then led to our next decision... tattoos, duh. 

What better way to commemorate the trip and our new birthday tradition, then by getting permanent ink at Tattoo Mania in West Hollywood. Rocco & Danny Wild did the honors, and after a few stories we found out they did Eve's bear claw tattoos?! Um HELLO - we felt famous by association. 

Running on a total of 6 hours of sleep for the three day adventure, I'd say we pretty much won life that weekend. I absolutely can not wait for all the bucket list birthdays to come - with the best babes a girl ask could ask for.




  1. I love this for so many reasons. I was literally lol-ing at the 'strapping young man with his shirt off comment'..but sad that we didn't come up with Bucket List Birthdays about 5 years ago!

    1. I just saw this comment! And you know we wish you were there right?! Agreed - we should have taken more trips! Damn broke college days... and post college... hahaha

  2. I love this for so many reasons. I was literally lol-ing at the 'strapping young man with his shirt off comment'..but sad that we didn't come up with Bucket List Birthdays about 5 years ago!