Monday, November 9, 2015

Sundays are for Sneakers

Sundays are for sneakers... and brunch, of course.

It is my motto that weekend days are for being care-free and easy.
Sundays hold the grunt of the weekends.  You worked your butt off all week, you had some fun, and now it's time to exhale.

Put on something comfy, ie. bust out the black stretchy pants and let's walk to brunch.

Fall's been amazing here in the mile high city. The roads are littered with crunchy leaves, and yet it's warm enough to enjoy walking through town without dragging yourself down with a few lbs of outerwear.

New Balances are perfect for taking in the city on foot. They are the ultimate in comfort yet still so gosh darn cute. Mine are pretty plain jane, but they have a POP of spice about them.  meow

The puffy vest has come to the rescue time and time again. I throw it on over a flannel, a tee, a button down, basically anything and everything when I need a little warmth.

This one has a hood zipped into its fur lined collar - I'm just the most practical, huh.

I love the padded elbow look. It's very "Hi, I'm going to go do something prim, proper, and professional", right? At least I like to think so.

Here's to happy walks to Sunday Brunches.

Oh, and taking sitting breaks while mid-walk. winky face

Happy brunching,

New Balance Sneakers $79.99  >  @ Journeys 
Striped Sweater with Oval Tan Leather Patches  $40.00  >  @ Asos
Padded Vest $49.99 >  @ H&M

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