Friday, November 20, 2015

Secret Campsites & Bonfire Bro-rritos

Birthdays, man. They can be the most difficult festivities to plan. I get wrapped up in making it special. Making sure that the Birthday Person at hand feels like the most important / loved / celebrated human being on the planet - at least for the day. It's only right.

And as we were hatching a recent birthday celebration for my hunky dude, we realized camping was the perfect solution! A mixture of all the best manly elements: being in nature + rugged fun + all your buds.

Thus, CAMP-A-PALOOZA was born.

Oh don't worry, Katie & I still tried to turn it into a whimsical forest type of birthday during a mimosa filled brainstorming session. You know, enchanted shit. Think - tree lights, sharing stories around the campfire, paper lanterns, you know the like. When those plans made their way back to Jason, he did not hesitate to ask me, "On what planet did you think I would like that sort of birthday?" [In a real loving way, of course]. So... back to the drawing board on how we could make this the most bro'd out birthday possible.

Starting with the 'activities' because of course - every event planner has an addiction and it's called over-planning. There were all sorts of dude games to play: can jam, washers, bags / corn hole [whatever you call it in your neck of the woods]. Add in the dirt bikes, wood chopping - chain saws included, and the overall camping amongst nature and you've got yourself quite the birthday bro bash.

Let's not forget about the most important part of camping: booze + food. Every occasion calls for Jello shots, I mean right? Our girl Nicki is a pro at them by now, and you can count on her to show up toting at least a hundred of 'em. God bless that girl. They made the party festive calling for a group cheers every time someone downed one, and are actually a shot I can handle. Minus the Jello Shots, it's usually easiest for something like this to have everyone contribute to the booze pile and BYOB. Needless to say, there was plenty of beer & whiskey to go around.

Jason wanted to keep it simple on the food, so there were enough hot dogs to feed a small town in Iowa. Still housing a solid 4 packs in the freezer... And for breakfast, Katie whipped up some "Bro-rittos" that consisted of: bacon [most of them], egg and cheese with diced green chillies and salsa. And if that doesn't sound killer enough, she added adorable labeled stickers?! Heart you, girl.

And as if we weren't entertained enough, Jason brought his new Drone toy to the mix, capturing everyone's attention. If you haven't seen one of these babies yet, let me warn you, it's like a grown up toy - and can distract you for hours. The incredible pictures / videos they capture are pretty jaw-dropping...

*See? Jaws dropped. Ha. This photo is the absolute best.

Our camping spot was solid perfection [shout out to Chloe for suggesting it!] The site is called Loch Lomond, and our particular nook was off the trail road at a dispersed site that was very well-kept. Before you make the trek, make sure you've got the right vehicle, to say the road is bumpy is an understatement. Further down the road, there's the most breathtaking lake that even has its own waterfall. NOW we're getting a little too magestic for the bro camp trip...

*See what I mean with the drone photog skills?! This picture is magic.

We hiked from our camp site to the lake and let the dogs chase sticks in the water until their puppy hearts were content. The lake area also had some campers at it, but without the protection of trees it was pretty brisk so I would personally stick to camping along the road. The view is no joke, with a backdrop of the mountains and all of the flowers, it definitely felt like Narnia.

Happy Birthday, J.Babe!
We hope the cupcake + sparkler finale while everyone sang Happy Birthday around the campfire wasn't too over the top  ;)


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