Monday, November 30, 2015

Gift Guide: My Wish List

 Like myself, most of you have probably recently celebrated Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, in my family, we do all the traditional turkey, football and lots of love and thankfulness. But we also indulge in the spirit of Christmas-on-Thanksgiving and browse Black Friday ads like the shopping-lovers we are and exchange wish list for the upcoming Christmas holiday. 

Tops on my list!

This Chloe perfume is my favorite and is one of my go-to's. When shopping for women on Christmas, perfume is always a safe bet. For outfit pieces, I love this traditional camel wool coat and I can't stop raving on the plaid skirt trend. I adore this green one from Topshop.

Statement necklaces are also always on my list and I love to gift statement pieces as well - can't go wrong. I am a huge sucker for coffee table books and fashion ones at that. Mainly because of the large amazing images, but also a great piece for any table. Plus, it's fucking fashion, need I say more?  

In Vogue >
ESALINDA Statement Necklace > ALDO

Also these sweaters ||  I'm loving...

Enchanted Woods Kimono >  MINKPINK -
Fluffy Roll Neck Jumper Dress > Missguided

Items I'm Gifting:

Anastasia Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette > Urban Outfitters
Nicole Miller Faux Fur Throw > TJ Maxx
Voluspa Glass Maison Candle > Anthropologie
Journal > TJ Maxx

I absolutely love pretty journals. I heard somewhere that you are more likely to write in something that is beautiful. Not sure where I picked that up - but I believe it. I love giving journals as a gift, whether they use it for personal or business purposes, it's always nice to have something beautiful to write in.

I added a couple other comfort gifts I chose this year; the candle is from Anthropologie and it smells amazing. All of their candles smell pretty darn amazing, basically everything in that store you find yourself wanting to touch or smell. [I know, I can't be the only one who has found themselves in the Antropologie worm hole of smelling and feeling]. The throw is ultra soft and is perfect for anyone. Giving a home comfort is A+ in my book. The palette was something fun to top off a gift package, it's Anastasia. Although I can't attest to using it, I am absolutely confident that it will only be loved.

Hopefully I gave some gift and wish list inspo!

XXOO Happy Holidays

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