Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Flannel

Flannel and Fall are obviously a classic pair. Here in Colorado, Denver in particular, there is no shortage of flannel. For this outfit, I paired a classic lumberjack style flannel (red/black) with leather pants and a caged heel. If it hasn't become clear yet, here on The Collaboration Blog. We love leather.

My classic pair || Flannel & Fall ||
They are my JFK and Jackie O. And I guess my leather is my-- Marilyn. Adding just a bit of sexy.

The flannel I picked up at Old Navy. I know... but seriously. I hadn't been inside an Old Navy in years. I happened to be at Michael's picking up something crafty, and I saw that they had a sale of  70% off all their fall pieces. I couldn't resist. I had to see. Snagged this for less than $20! The flannel is actually a pull over and only buttons down half way. For this price, you would expect something super thin. To my surprise - it's actually super soft and pretty thick.

The leather pants are Missguided. If you haven't checked out this chic UK fashion site. Do it. It's basically a Forever 21, UK style. Shipping takes 6-8 days but they do offer a 3 day option.

If anyone is like me, when I order online, I miss the instant gratification of retail store shopping. You will catch me singing "I want it now" courtesy of the obnoxious snob on Willy Wonka.  This isn't a golden egg, it's wardrobe and it's ohh soo much better.

My lace up caged heels I scored from Nordstrom. I tend to pair these with leather pants of any color. Something about these heels make you feel fierce. They also can be matched with casual outfits for a subtle statement. Like pairing a light boyfriend jean, and a comfy sweater with these heels - it instantly ups the ante on mid-week date night.

I am not one to rock a small purse--like ever. I prefer my bag to be able to hold anything and everything I could possible need throughout a day. I tend to carry work things as well so if my clipboard can fit, I am a happy girl. For this outfit, I ditched my Mary Poppins and carried a small crossbody from Forever 21.

Happy Fall Fashion Hunting!


Faux Leather Chain-Strapped Crossbody $23 > @ Forever 21
Necklace $10 [ sold out ] > @ Forever 21 [similar here]
Rings [ Gifted ] > @ various boutiques
Leather Lace Up Caged Heel $50 [ sold out ] > @ Nordstrom [similar here] [similar here]
Ediey Ripped Knee Leather Skinny Trouser $45 [sold out] > @ Missguided  [similar here]
Pullover Plaid Flannel $15 > @ Old Navy

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