Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Comfy for the Win

I'm a huge proponent of feeling comfortable in any outfit. 6 inch heels? Not my style. So tight I can't breathe? Hell to the no.

Everyone's got their own level of comfort in style though, and that's the beauty of creating an outfit to your taste. When I'm styling someone and we land on outfit options - the first thing I ask is, "Ok. Which one do you feel comfortable in?" Because if you feel like you can rock it and its in your comfort zone, you're going to be confident. And you'll straight kill it, girl.

And while we're getting down to business, this outfit right here, is my everyday / all day outfit of choice. #thatsweatpantlife

This type of 'look like I've been working out but I'm so not' outfit is a good fit for most occasions. Errands / road trips, you name it I've worn an outfit in this similar fashion for it. Warm & cozy for fall, just how I like it.

Even better - pair your favorite sports team's comfy tee and/or hat with this and you're ready to cheer on your favs [drunk or sober] at the local watering hole in style.

Lemme tell you about those Nike pants, they are EVERYTHING. Running tights [unfortunately] are regularly cycled through my wardrobe, but these pants have found their way into the cycle a little too often... ha. The zips on the bottom really set them apart an, in a way, act like a wide leg pant and don't feel so 'tight-like' if you will.

Onto the accessories!

This is one of the few hats that I feel like I can rock with the flat bill in the front. Something about the shape makes it work. It's a hat that I scored from my native Minnesotan bud [thanks Nines - gotta support that Midwest come up] and is from a super hip store called 'Sota Clothing.'

I used to hate on the puffy vest thing, I gotta admit. But my love for layers won out, and this sucker is too damn cute. I'm into the added details of the faux suede on the back and it gives you the option of taking the hood off. What girl doesn't love options, eh??

Comfy tees with fun quotes on them seem to be everywhere these days. They're pretty reasonably priced at Target too, so I'll dig into the trend if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This one just spoke to me - because unicorns.

Fist pump for comfort! Ha. I'll see you on the couch.


Minnesota Hat > $25 online @ Sota Clothing
Puffy Vest > $50 @ H&M 
Grey Hoody > $35 @ H&M 
Unicorn Comfy Tee > $13 @ Target
Nike Running Pants > $56 @ Dick's Sporting Goods
Sandals / knock off Birkenstocks > $16 online [sold out - linked similar]

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