Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cinderella Romper

Rompers. You love 'em or you hate 'em. Or you're in the 5 foot nothing category like me, and you love them from afar but realize you're just not meant to be. 


This little number isn't even your typical shorts / tank top romper. It's a full on bodysuit. And say whaaaaaat... it still fits me?! #blessed

Also, when your friends are so fab - all outfits look good by association. But let's get real, the romper in general is usually too much hassle to handle. Before you even take it off the rack, you start asking yourself serious questions... "Am I going to look like Kris Kross with a saggy crotch? Am I going to rep the camel toe crew so hard?" You never know what's coming out of that dressing room when it comes to rompers.

That said, how much fun are they to wear?! They feel so freeing! [Minus the whole, "How do I pee?" part]. One piece on and you're done. Boom. Which is a huge feat for me, I tend to take forever pairing clothes together for an outfit. Mostly because it's my favorite part of getting ready, so I like to relish in the special time spent with my closet. But the romper factor sure is a Godsend for my friends and/or boyfriend to cut down on my 'get ready' time.

*Someone could have told me the romp needed a date with an iron... 

This unicorn romper came straight from Target, which has always been there for me and my #shortgirlproblems. Jeans are usually a safe bet at Target, they must have a shorty in their fashion development department. Whoever you are, you don't know me, but I heart you and owe you a drink for saving me money on many hem jobs. Needless to say, when I tried this sucker on and realized it was a perfect fit, I gave the mirror a high five and walked my happy ass up to the register STAT, before it turned into a pumpkin and was all some horrible Cinderella dream.

Let's talk shoes. With this outfit, heels were a must. A full body suit can swallow a girl up and make her look short, so heels can help to lengthen the look - even if it's an illusion. These strappy nude heels that I scored at my favorite local shop, Buffalo Exchange, added a girly touch to the more masculine look of a romper.

Again - such babe town friends I have. They're all looking good and I'm on the end being 'that friend.' I'll blame the wine. Also, who knew my backyard was so photogenic? I left out the pics where we're getting attacked by giant bugs, you're welcome ladies. 

All summer / fall I've been obsessed [not even an understatement] with these golden arm cuffs. To the point where I reach for them as an accessory on nearly every outfit and have to talk myself out of it. Because let's face it, they've outworn their welcome.  At least I'm aware! That's the first step, right?

I first spotted them through an Instagram feed - which is my new fav place to shop.  Seriously, follow some trendy Insta bloggers and their sell profiles and there you'll find me, bidding on everything. Then I managed to hunt them down on SaboSkirt.com.  They're adjustable size wise too, which is great for mixing up where you wear them on your arm.  Or, you know, when you're in beef season and bulking up the biceps. You can still be trendy. 

Cheers to fancy wine nights with your gal pals & scouring the perfect romper! 


Olive Jumpsuit > $30 @ Target
Gold Arm Cuffs > $15 @ Sabo Skirt [sold out online, linked similar]
Penelope Heel by Adrienne Vittadini > $48 online - sold out [scored it for $20 at Buffalo Exchange]
Knuckle Rings > $5 @ Denver Flea from Adorn vendor

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