Thursday, October 29, 2015

That Fresh White Style

The age-old axiom of wearing white after Labor Day is totally twisted and outright absurd. Especially for Fall 2015. Even Vogue is letting up on the this age-old fashion faux pas and here I am waving my white flag.

 Oh is that champagne? Yes, Champagne. The perfect outfit accessory.

I am loving lush knits and have been utterly obsessed with white lately, which is totally outside my color closet comfort zone. Black. Black. Black. If there were a color darker - I'd own it. Also, I tend to spill on anything white which is why it is even stranger that I am embracing this color, but I am indulging myself and feeling pretty about it.

The lush knit sweater is Jessica Simpson's Snowy Flowy Fuzzy Sweater. Her name, not mine. Ha. I picked this up at my local TJ Maxx. The sweater is super soft and is so versatile. Here I matched it with a skirt from Target. Secret: little girls section, it has gold sparkle trim. Need I say more?

 I feel like it's tough finding a tulle skirt that isn't too poofy but also not limp. With this skirt though? I just couldn't resist. I don't normally troll the little girls section at Target, I mean c'mon, but it caught my eye and was love at first sight. I think we're going to be very happy together. But, I have to admit this is not the only garment I have snagged from this section.

White on white makes a soft statement, and for that reason I like pairing whites with a bold lip. This color is Maybelline "Touch of Spice", my favorite go-to drugstore lip color. This outfit can make the transition from fall to winter as well. Holiday parties here we come! Check the deets below, whole outfit under $100!

Faux Stone Statement Necklace $8.00  >  @ Forever 21 [Out of Stock]
Audrey Brooke Tobago Wedge Sandal $40ish?  >  @ DSW [Out of Stock]
Jessica Simpson Sweater $16.99 >  @ TJ Maxx [Linked Similar]
White Tulle Skirt with Gold Trim $19.99 >  @ Target 
Maybelline 660 Touch of Spice Matte Lip Stick $5.59  >  @ Target
Rings  >  Gifted Heirlooms

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