Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Romper Fun

Alright Ladies

Let's talk fashion and celebrations, my fav.

When your friends ask if you want to celebrate, for whatever reason... It's Friday? New outfit? Work project success?
You say, heck yes!


Okay, on to why you're here. The fashion details. This outfit is actually one of my favorite spring or summer pieces to wear. I'm a serious romper whore. Like, no one needs that many? Also, lets get real about rompers for a second. They are the cutest thing ever but also the worst. Like going to the bathroom is a complete fucking nightmare. The side swoop is not even an option - Melissa don't even mention it. I'm sure your imagination is figuring that out right now.

But, seriously. I like to call it the essential long sleeve romper. It makes the transition from day to night / winter to spring, effortlessly. I am not going to say I am lazy but sometimes going from work to a night out can be a chore. If you have no time, romper. It's the answer.


The only downfall is that this romper in particular is clearly made for a woman with large C's or D's. That ain't me. I like to claim a small B but I feel like the girls continue to diminish every year. A, here I come! I'd actually embrace this, not wearing a bra would probably make me a happier person. Clearly, you can see Victoria's Secret is really helping me out here. I had to do some rework to the chest to make it fit properly. The romper actually opens from the waist up, but I made it work.


My wedge sandals are a go-to. I tend to pick a wedge sandal for every outfit in the spring / summer because of their versatility + they're comfortable. Check the links below for details!



Wedge Sandals > Nordstrom Rack $26 > Sold out
Cream Crochet Accent Faux Wrap Romper > Hot Miami Styles $42.99

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