Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alligator Gold

One of my absolute favorite things about putting together an overall 'look', is to pair unlikely pieces and make it work [yes I said make it work, just a bit Tim Gunn obsessed, it's fine].

Flannel? Camo? Sparkles? Snapback? All in one? Why the hell not.

This particular outfit isn't as crazy with the patterns, but I'm completely digging on the color palette as we transition to fall during the warmer weather for a, oh girl you fancy, look. And that hat? Can. Do. No. Wrong. The perfect fall hat to bring an outfit together and/or cover up a grease ball hair situation. This could explain why I currently have more hats than shoes...

Now, let's touch on the most fabulous part of this ensemble, THE ALLIGATOR PURSE. I know, it's a golden alligator, take a moment - I feel you girl. This beauty was thrifted years ago for a ridiculously low cost, and I have been offered large sums of money for it by drunk girls at the bar. Literally bitches be petting my purse and drooling. Sorry ladies, this purse is too magical to part with. That said, here lies the importance of statement pieces in your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to purchase that one outrageous accessory (be it a purse, hat, necklace, heel, etc.) to step up your outfit game, and the real win here, it doesn't have to break the bank.

I know it's so 90's, and I distinctly remember myself saying I would never assist in bringing back the 'shirt tied around the waist' look, but I adore this trend. It gives you more shape by cinching your middle and breaks up a boring grey t-shirt dress to "Oh heyyyy girl what's that around your waist?" Ha, or something. My button downs as a wrap around have totally become my favorite accessory.

The details are my favorite piece of completing a look, and layering simple gold chains have been right up my alley for fall. I'm usually all about a killer necklace that sparks a conversation, but there's something to be said about a subtle pop of pretty sparkle. And the same goes for the mid-finger rings, subtle but unique. I'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about these knuckle rings, "How do they not fall off? Do they feel uncomfortable? Can I still function as a human being while wearing them?" But they passed the test for me and I tend to wear them on the daily.

Also, let's discuss the awkward faces I find myself making as Kaylee snaps pictures of me trying to be posh. Let's get real here, unless you're the ultimate mirror selfie culprit or Kendall Jenner, posing for photos is fucking weird uncomfortable. Clearly I'm fresh on the fashion blogging train [shout out to Mel for helping a girl out!] Links & outfit details below, because if you came all the way to the bottom of this article because of the outfit - you might as well shop it...


Knit Striped Midi Dress in Heather Grey > $25 @ Target
Cloth & Stone Split-Back Button Down in Denim > $88 @ Anthropologie [scored it for $30 at Buffalo Exchange - my jam]
Hatter Company LA Panama Hat > $48 online @ Style Watch [found it at Common Era, a boutique in Denver for $34]
Vince Camuto Jacell Pumps > $80 @ Nordstrom, seems to be sold out everywhere! [once again, my pair at Buffalo for $35]
Vintage Alligator Purse > thrifted that sucker so long ago for $10, can you say steal?
Jewelery > thrifted & gifted

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