Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Night Under the Stars

What is dreamier than a night under the stars with your best friends?


I know.

It was miss Emma June's birthday, the big 30th I may add, so we knew we had to do something unforgettable. The Birthday Girl was having a hard time figuring out exactly what she wanted to do for the big milestone, so us ladies took it upon ourselves to throw her a surprise shindig.

Time to scheme, dream, and get to work. We ultimately decided on an intimate picnic get together with all the birthday girl's favorite foods. Sloppy joes, doughnuts, and mac-n-cheese. Girl's got taste, I know. We'd end the night by shuffling off to Look Out Mountain on a party bus to launch 30 glowing paper lanterns. Pinterest perfect you say? I agree.

We kicked it off with a secret celebration invite that we designed, printed, and snail mailed off to the guest list (because snail mail is gosh darn underrated).

We even made a proper itinerary for the guests. [how adult]

We bought way too many pounds of ground beef and we got to work. Kaylee made a trip to Home Depot, and sawed her way to 3 long, low-top tables to seat 18 of us. For decor, we lined the table with some fun, impromptu fabric we found and went to town spray painting figurines and pineapples. Because pineapples make anything fancy, obviously. We grabbed as many random blankets we could find for lawn seating, and did a quick drive thru to Dunkin Donuts.

There was a lot of gold spray paint & glitter, dare I say everywhere, a few too many trips to Ikea, and a fire or two we had to extinguish in a pitch dark park (paper lantern test). But hey, we survived and had an amazing celebration all at the same time.

Rain ensued which caused us to save the paper lantern launch for another night [stay tuned] and we were a few doughnuts short due to an ant invasion, but alas, it was a success.

Happy Birthday to the dearest of them all, Emma June. #thisis30

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